Carpet Cleaning Gladstone


Ready to get your carpet fully cleaned – and dry – faster than ever before? Call Extreme Cleaned.

We’ve got the most powerful and latest equipment available, meaning that we are able to clean and dry your carpet in just a fraction of the usual time.

What’s our secret? It’s scientific. The Sapphire Scientific 370SS truckmount, in fact. This professional-grade carpet cleaner has the hottest water of any truckmount in its class, meaning it is ready to power out even the most stubborn stains.

Whether you’re looking at food spills, pet-related stains, or any other type of carpet dirt or grime, the Sapphire Scientific 370SS is ready to get the job done – and fast!

Once your carpet is fully cleaned, we use high velocity air movers to dry your carpet in record time. We finish the project by running a carpet groomer over your freshly-cleaned carpet to ensure each individual piece of carpet pile is clean, dry, fluffed, and good as new.

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Hi Heath, you have done such an awesome job! You’ve made our main house look like new again. We can’t believe that our tiles could look so clean and as if it was a brand new house. Thank you so much!

- Annika Malkovitz
Carpet Cleaning Gladstone