Tile and Grout Cleaning Gladstone


Cleaning tile and grout is a difficult job, especially if you’re trying to get the job done yourself. Instead of spending hours scrubbing at your tile or grout, why not call Extreme Cleaned and let us do the work for you? Our cleaning service can get even the toughest grime out of tile and grout. We can remove years of dirt and stains out of a tile floor in a single afternoon.

What separates Extreme Cleaned from other tile and grout cleaners in Gladstone? We’re the only cleaning service in the region with the HOSS 700 rotary cleaning tool. This powerful piece of equipment makes up to 700 cleaning passes per minute, giving you the deepest possible clean in the shortest amount of time.

We also have a turbo high pressure water system to knock dirt loose and literally suck it out of the tile. Then the dirt gets whisked down our vacuum pipes, never to be seen again. When we’re done with your tile and grout cleaning, you’ll be astonished at how good your tile looks. No more dingy grout or grimy floors!

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Hi Heath, you have done such an awesome job! You’ve made our main house look like new again. We can’t believe that our tiles could look so clean and as if it was a brand new house. Thank you so much!

- Annika Malkovitz
Carpet Cleaning Gladstone